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Rubber O rings

Rubber O-rings are circular rubber seals that are named so because they resemble the letter O. These are used in several areas where there is a need to create a seal between two surfaces. The seal created prevents any kind of leakage of fluid or gas.

Rubber Gasket

You can find the use of rubber gaskets in several industries and applications as these are versatile, impact resistant, temperature resistant, and create a secure and reliable seal between two surfaces. They are mainly used in machines, pipelines, plumbing systems, automotive engines, etc.

Rubber Washers

Rubber washers have unique properties and functionality which make them highly useful components for use in many industries and applications. These components are known to prevent sealing & leakage, reduce noise, dampen vibration, absorb shock, relieve stress and distribute the load.

Rubber Bellows

Rubber bellows are flexible rubber-made cylindrical components that are known for their properties and functions, like flexibility, thermal expansion, movement absorption, pressure and temperature compensation, noise reduction, and more. As they are made of rubber, they are corrosion-resistant and chemical resistant.

Rubber Bushes

Buy from us rubber bushes that are designed to be used in equipment and machines to minimize vibrations, reduce noise, absorb shock, accommodate slight misalignments between components, distribute load uniformly, and protect from corrosion. They are known for their durability and longevity.

Rubber Diaphragms

Get in touch with us to buy rubber diaphragms for use in automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, HVAC systems, and many other industries. These components are popular amongst our clients for their flexibility, shock absorption, durability, and other properties.

Rubber Grommet

Available in different sizes and shapes, rubber grommet find use in cable management, electrical insulation, and dampen vibrations. These are said to maintain their properties even in harsh environments. They are easy to install as well as remove.

Rubber Profile

Sealing applications demand products like rubber profiles. They are used for creating seals between two surfaces so that water, air, or dust does not pass through them. They are designed to absorb shock and reduce noise. They find use in automotive, construction, manufacturing, and other industries.